Home Security Audit

MARCH 23, 2017

What is a home security audit? A home security audit is the best way homeowners can identify weak points in your physical security at your residence. It is absolutely necessary to inspect your home or business by performing a security audit. Sure, homeowners inspect their homes before moving in, but how many actually do annual inspections years after moving in? Not many. Over time your security decreases and criminals are getting smarter. Take the time to evaluate and inspect your home, not from an aesthetic point of view, but from that of a criminal. Look for ways you could break into your home if you locked your keys inside. Here is a home security or business security audit checklist, courtesy of the Windor Police Department, that you can use to determine areas in your home that may need to be updated.

    Inspect the Exterior

  •  Walk outside and thoroughly examine the exterior of your home, including entrances, windows, and the surrounding physical area. Prune shrubs and trees leading up to the house, and those around windows and doors, closely enough to make it impossible for someone to conceal themselves. House numbers need to be clearly displayed and easily visible from the road to assist emergency responders in locating the home in case of an emergency.
  • Check Your Doors

  •  All doors should be of a solid material and locked with a deadbolt of at least one inch. One of the newest innovations to come into the home security market are smart locks.
  • Watch Your Windows

  •  Windows are an easy target for thieves wanting to gain entrance to a home. As an additional security precaution, companies like us can add motion sensors and shatter proof polycarbonate to your windows.
  • The Garage

  •  It’s important that you reinforce the garage door itself to make access to the area more difficult, especially the secondary point of entry is the door between the house and the garage.
  • Bedrooms

  •  The number one place a criminal can find a safe. Be sure it is properly installed and you have the best safe for your needs. See our safe protection ratings here.