LOCKS: Electronic vs. Mechanical

DECEMBER 5, 2016

As homeowners, we know you have a lot of decision making to do and the last thing you want to worry about is which type of deadbolt is best for you. There are a ton of things to consider before making a decision such as; durability, style, ease of use, and of course, cost. Our friends over at Schlage put together this list for you to compare the pros and cons of both mechanical (traditional) locks and electronic locks to help you choose the most secure deadbolt for your home.

Pros Mechanical Electronic
1 Affordable:

More cost efficient than an electronic lock


Conviently get inside your home with a pin code, fingerprint, remote or access code. Hassle free.

2 More Style Options:

No matter your personal style, there's a mechanical lockset that is perfect for you.

Access Control:

Assign special codes for visitors limiting what they have access to.

3 Easy Installation:

Installing a mechanical deadbolt is easier than expected.

Easy Installation:

Many are just as simple to install as a mechanical deadbolt.

Cons Electronic Mechanical
1 More Expensive:

If you're on a budget, this may not be the best option for you.

Locked Out:

Lost or forgottwn keys can make getting inside difficult.

2 Limited Style Options:

You have a few style options, but not as many as a mechanical deadbolt.

No Access Control:

You can't control who can open what door, or give additional access if needed. With a key, they have access to everything.

3 More To Remember:

Forgetting your pin code or letting the battery die can be something you're not used to having to remember.


Going for a quick run to the store and having to search for your keys can sometimes be a hassle with your arms buried with groceries.