States with Locksmith Laws

FEBRUARY 7, 2018

15 states require locksmith licensing: Alabama, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. New York City and Miami have their own licensing laws.

  •  Be skeptical of locksmiths who claim to be licensed in states that don’t require a license.
  •  Verify a locksmith license by calling (800) 952-5210 or on the BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services) website at According to California law, locksmiths are required to carry a copy of their license with them at all times.
  •  Ask to verify their license upon arrival. If a locksmith cannot produce a copy of their license, consider hiring another locksmith.
  •  A legitimate locksmith should also ask you for identification to verify that they are unlocking a home or car that belongs to you. Use caution if the locksmith shows up in an unmarked vehicle, or one advertising a different business name than the company you hired.
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