Window Guards – Pre-Fab


  • 1/2″ Vertical Tubular Pickets
  • 5/8″ Horizontal Tubular Pickets
  • Apache Spear Points –top & bottom (These are the pointy ends on the top and bottom of the pre-fabricated window guards).
  • Powder coat Finish – standard color is black, white available (custom colors also available).


Recently, non-opening window bars caused a series of preventable deaths. The State of California enacted legislation that empowered California cities with the ability to write ordinances which require property owners bring their window bars up to current building code standards. Cities may also fine property owners who fail to bring their window bars up to standards. Most cities mandate that in every bedroom or room used as a sleeping room, at least one window bar be equipped with an emergency release device. Because every city is different, contact your local fire prevention office and building and planning department for information on permit and installation requirements in your area.