Window Guards – Custom

custom-arched-window-guard-made-by-reed-brothers-securityIf you choose to secure your windows with window guards, you have the options of installing pre-fab guards or custom guards.

We can custom make just about any design you want.  Call us for an estimate.

When considering window guards there are a couple of safety concerns to address:

  1. Window bars can block egress from buildings since they are designed to block entry through windows.  When a specific window is part of the path of egress it must be designed to open from the inside without any special (specific) knowledge. Specific knowledge refers to keys, codes, access cards or fobs, or any other special device required to open the window guard.  The usual standard is 5 lbs of pressure or less to activate a paddle or button that will release the window guard and provide an egress path.
  2. In the city of Oakland, CA we are required to inspect for proper placement and operation of both types of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  In other cities this requirement is usually placed on the inspector signing off on the city building permit.

All homes (apartments, houses, condos, etc…) must have approved smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms properly installed.