Wide Stile Doors

wide stile doors

A wide stile door combines visibility, security and performance. This is an ideal replacement for problematic entry doors that require frequent servicing and repairs.

narrow stile doors

Narrow stile doors have small, 2" vertical stiles. Moreover, they have small top and bottom rails, without any center support, which will bend under stress and with frequent usage.

These type of doors are usually only compatible and operated with less reliable hardware that will not consistently latch or close the door.

wide stile doors

The wide stile doors have 5" vertical stiles are the doors are less prone to warping and bending with frequent usage. Additionally, we design these doors with oversized top, center and bottom rails to maximize the rigidity of the doors.

We recommend pairing these doors with our custom stainless steel latch guards, which protect the door edge and make it extremely difficult to pry open.

wide stile doors

Our wide stile doors are installed with Grade 1 ADA compliant door hardware and door closers.

The doors include 1/4" laminated glass, with armored glass options available.

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