Telephone & Intercom Systems

For Residential and Commercial Buildings

Intercom and Telephone Entry Systems are a method of access control that gives you the ability to talk to an individual before letting them through the main entrance.

An intercom system is a stand-alone voice communication system controlling an electric strike that is installed on building or a small collection of buildings, such as an apartment complex. It provides two way audio communication between the caller and the receiver. Some intercom systems incorporate video to identify visitors trying to gain access.

Intercom Systems

Residential Telephone Entry Systems often us the same phone line as the residence. The entry system will ring your home phones allowing you to decide to let your guest through the gates or not. Most of these systems can call up to three pre-programmed numbers and the gate can be controlled remotely by phones anywhere.

Commercial Telephone Entry Systems use a dedicated phone line. These entry systems are designed for gated communities, apartment building, and other multi-user situations. They can keep records of individual users and can incorporate card readers, proximity sensors & transponders.

Telephone Entry Systems