Standard Large Mailbox

Fort Knox Standard Large Mailbox at Reed Brothers Security

Standard Large Residential Roadside Mailbox

These not so “Standard” mailboxes can be distinguished from our other mailboxes because they have only one lockable bottom door with an above open incoming mail slot.

These mailboxes can be ordered as a “Single Service” mailbox, or you can add outgoing mail capability.

When the outgoing mail option (which includes a flag) is added, mail is placed on a shelf between the locked door and the incoming slot.

To get a better idea of how this works, take a look at our diagrams below.

Differences between the Large and Small standard mailboxes include mail storage capacity (+2″H +2″W +2″D), and size of the post (4″x4″ steel post for Small Standard / 5″ x 5″ steel post for the Large Standard).

A flag and outgoing capability can be added to both of these mailboxes for an additional cost.

Both Standard mailboxes are made of the same 1/4″ steel shell with 3/16″ reinforced doors as is true with all our mailboxes.  


Standard Large

Fort Knox Standard Large Mailbox Diagram at Reed Brothers Security