Senator Mailbox

Fort Knox Senator Mailbox at Reed Brothers Security

Senator Residential Roadside Mailbox

Our heaviest mailbox at over 165 LBS. without post.

This mailbox with lower package compartment handles your mail, packages, and newspapers, within the third lower door.

The name Senator comes from an ex-Senator who called and asked if we could modify a mailbox for him. He wanted a compartment below his mailbox to be used for either small packages and/or newspapers.

He liked the larger 12″x 12″ mailbox, but wanted something a little extra.

In the design process, we thought of different ways to make this mailbox a little lighter for easier manufacturing.

However, we decided to use our 1/4″ steel for the entire shell of the mailbox and maintain our “Fort Knox” standards.

Now our heaviest mailbox is becoming one of our most popular mailboxes as well.

Fort Knox Senator Mailbox Diagram at Reed Brothers Security

Now with the “Slam-lock” included on the lower door, your packages are also safe and secure.