Schlage Connect Touchscreen (Century) Deadbolt w/ Built-In Alarm

Schlage Connect Touchscreen (Century) Deadbolt w/ Built-In Alarm

Schlage Connect Century Trim Deadbolt Electronic Lock at Reed Brothers Security

Century Finish

Residential Use

The Schlage ConnectTM senses the slightest vibrations or movement of the door and immediately alerts you with an audible alarm, giving you additional protection from break-ins at the door.

Combining advanced features and compatibility with your home automation system, this door lock with alarm allows you to control your home from anywhere.

Enjoy peace of mind everywhere you go with remote monitoring and at-door privacy with a fingerprint-resistant touchscreen.

Employs Z-Wave, a wireless technology that makes your house smarter, safer and far more convenient . Combine your Schlage Connect with Amazon Alexa to maximize your home security needs. You’ll have the ability to use voice commands with your Schlage Connect deadbolt:

“Alexa, is my front door locked?”
Alexa: “The Front Door is unlocked.”
“Alexa, lock my front door.”

** Requires integration with a Wink or Samsung SmartThings hub for Amazon Alexa connection.**

Durable Resistive Touchscreen with matte finish to protect your residential security deadbolt lock against fingerprints and smudges.

Anti-pick shield protects against lock tampering making it 100% pick-proof !

Strong: Meets the highest industry rating for security and durability tested beyond 250,000 uses.

Smart access: Allow friends and family to get in without a key—simply by entering a code. Featuring memory for up to 30 users.

On-the-go access Lock and unlock from just about anywhere by connecting with Z-Wave® Schlage Connect Century Trim Deadbolt Electronic Lock 2 at Reed Brothers Security

The Schlage ConnectTM Touchscreen deadbolt with alarm functionality is easily customized to fit your security needs.

Activity alert: Remote notification to know when someone goes in or out.

Tamper alert: Safeguard an entry door to prevent lock tampering with notifications of when the door knob/lever is being disturbed.

Forced entry alert: Hear instant notification when significant force pushes against the door to protect against break-ins.