Stair Rails

Stair Rails

Stair rails are a Reed Brothers’ specialty. From basic, straight line railings to the ornate, we can satisfy your needs.

We can fabricate your stair rails for over the counter sales only.

How to Measure a Stair Railing

1. Put marks on the steps and landing where the post will be.
2. Lay measuring board (needs to be 6″ wide or more and placed on edge) on steps.
3. Align spirit level with postmarks on steps.
4. Strike a line on the board (that represents the center line of the post) using pencil only!!!!!
5. Make a note on the board of the distance under the board to the step at post centerline.
6. Make a mark on the board for the bottom step nose and landing nose.
7. Make a neat concise drawing of the railing.
8. Specify materials to be used and finished color (paint or powder coat, galvanized or other plating)