Protect Against “Lock Bumping”

Protect Against “Lock Bumping”

“Lock Bumping” is a simple easily learned method used to open common locks without the correct key.  The technique and the tools are promoted heavily on the internet.  For an investment of a few dollars and an hour of time anyone can learn the technique.  Not only can common locks be easily and quickly opened this way, but there is not evidence of a “break-in” after a lock has been bumped. Thus it can be very hard to collect on an insurance claim if there is not sign that you were actually robbed! It is also very easy to protect yourself, your family, and your business from this technique.

We specialize in selling and installing “Bump Proof” locks.  We carry extensive selections of High Security locks and systems that can not be bumped.

Our key systems include: Medeco, MUL-T-LOCK, and Primus by Schlage.
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Our push button systems include Simplex, KABA, Trilogy, and Schlage.
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