Mul-T-Lock Interactive CLIQ

Mul-T-Lock Interactive CLIQ

Residential & Commercial Use

Mul-T-Lock’s technology merged with CLIQ® presents a hybrid mechanical locking solution, which offers the tried-and-true reliability of superior mechanical keys and cylinders and the programming sophistication and flexibility inherent in electronic locks.

Available in both MT5®+ and Interactive® platformsinteractive-cliq-by-reed-brothers-security

MT5®+ CLIQ® and Interactive® CLIQ® (For Commercial and E-Master Key Systems)

Mul-T-Lock is proud to be among the first of the ASSA ABLOY group’s brands to integrate CLIQ® technology into a high security mechanical line.  Having merged CLIQ’s highly miniaturized data encryption electronics with our renowned Interactive® mechanical locking system back in 2003, Mul-T-Lock’s Interactive® CLIQ® has been field tested around the world over the past 6 years to guarantee superior, proven electromechanical locking for a vast array of applications.  In 2010, Mul-T-Lock merged CLIQ® technology with the MT5®+ 5th generation, mechanical locking system.

This easy-to-install, smart locking solution, which mimics the uncomplicated installation process of mechanical Mul-T-Lock cylinders, provides a simple, effective, standalone security solution for existing and new applications – no hardwiring, no hardware modifications, and no headaches.  And, with its capacity to be incorporated into a system containing non-electromechanical Mul-T-Lock products, CLIQ® redefines our famous motto, “One Key, Endless Possibilities.”

MT5®+ and Interactve CLIQ® make upgrading almost any lock to an intelligent, permission based access system that lets users easily determine who can enter, choose when they can enter, and run an audit trail as simple as replacing a cylinder.

Features include:

Data tracking – A special control key enables easy access to precise Audit Trail data from every cylinder in a facility, and that data can be uploaded swiftly onto a PC for review.

Individual keys – Encrypted with tamper-proof codes, each key is designated for use by one individual only. If the key is lost, it is simply rendered obsolete, and a new key, with a new code is generated in its place.

Time-based permission – CLIQ® enables the designation of specific windows of time wherein access to a given cylinder by a given user is permitted.

Sequence lock option – This optional feature enables users to specify that a list of keys (up to 8 different keys) must be inserted into a CLIQ® cylinder in a particular order before unlocking can occur.  The CLIQ® keys used in the sequence lock can also function as standard operating keys in other CLIQ® cylinders throughout the system.