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Alarm Monitoring


Some things to consider when purchasing an alarm system:
1. At Reed Brothers Security, our monitoring customers have never been sold to an outside provider.

2. Monitoring is OPTIONAL. We gladly install alarm systems that ring an exterior bell or siren and do not send signals to a monitoring station.

3. We install non-proprietary systems. Some companies install alarm systems with proprietary technology, meaning you are locked in and only your installing company can service your system or provide monitoring. At Reed Brothers Security, customers stay with us by choice.

U.L. Station 24-Hour Monitoring
Our monitoring service has the technology to receive digital signals, radio signals, and video images from any alarm system.

What is monitoring?
Alarms have the ability to send communication signals via radio or over phone lines. When these signals are directed to a monitoring facility, live operators are notified in the case of an alarm condition. The operators then make phone calls to notify police or fire agencies.

Have you been sold out?
Many burglar alarm companies sell alarms for less than their actual cost of materials and installation labor, intending to make their profit entirely on a mandatory monitoring agreement. They then “sell” their monitoring accounts to a different provider.