Medeco XT

Medeco XT

Medeco Nexgen XT at Reed Brothers Security

Residential & Commercial Use

If you’re looking for access control for your home or business, Medeco XT is the ideal product to retrofit your existing locks.  You don’t have to run any wires or wireless hubs.  All of the access control features are encapsulated in the key and in the lock itself.

Medeco XT, a retrofit electronic cylinder for small format interchangeable core (SFIC). The SFIC cylinder is ideal for loss and liability management as a direct replacement for mechanical cylinders. The easy system management allows for flexibility in access and the ability to monitor usage of keys. The cylinder is powered by the rechargeable key so no wiring or power supply is needed. The small sleek design of the key and the powerful cylinder is ideal for harsh environments. Flexible authorization, auditing of use, and quick retrofit to existing hardware are all in one convenient package.

XT Advantages:
  • Convenient access programming for retrofit cylinder with no wiring or power supply necessary and no risk of unauthorized mechanical key duplication
  • Robust cylinder that securely operates in challenging environments
  • Retrofits into any SFIC housing and securely locks in place
  • User friendly software provides audit information obtained from the key or cylinder
  • Protect against access by lost keys with programming for unauthorized key list in cylinder
  • Convenient and durable key for long term reliability that fits on your key ring
  • Individual key charger assures key is always conveniently charged
  • Audit of key provides information on where the key has been used or what keys have been used on specific cylinders. The flexible software lets the user decide how the memory of the audit is to be used.
  • Convenient key programming of cylinder eliminates the need for wiring or for removal/replacement of the cylinder
  • Web programming allows for flexible system management
  • Flexible access rights granted via remote authorization provided via cellular phone to key
Medeco Nexgen XT Kit at Reed Brothers Security
Cylinder Features:
  • Electronic only cylinder powered by the key
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use with Stainless steel shell
  • Small Format Interchangeable Core with Deadlatch control sleeve
  • 2000 audit events
  • Unauthorized key list
Key Features:
  • Very Small robust electronic key with stainless steel housing
  • Rechargeable battery, 500-800 openings per charge
  • Audit 5,000 cylinders maximum
  • Audit 5,000 events maximum
  • All programming done at key
  • Web programming options
  • Key Charger (charge from PC, wall, or vehicle using standard USB cable)
Key Programmer:
  • Programs and charges the key
  • Connects to PC USB port using standard cable