High Security Locks

Medeco M3 Biaxial

medeco m3 biaxial

Medeco® High Security Locks was born as “Mechanical Development Company,” a small tool & die shop in Salem, Virginia. In 1968, the owners and employees of the company developed a unique locking principle of angled key cuts and elevating and rotating pin tumblers that provided millions of key combinations and a level of security that was unmatched in its time. The angled cuts on the key were used to rotate unique bottom pins. Hardened steel inserts and a sidebar were used to produce a cylinder that was highly resistant to virtually all forms of attack. Soon after, Medeco was officially formed and immediately set the standard for high security and key control.

The ASSA 6000 Series deadbolt is designed to withstand any form of physical attack including drilling, prying, driving, or pulling.

Its free spinning guard collars protect it from pipe wrenching while its hardened inserts guard against drilling. The 6000 comes equipped with the ASSA Hardhat™ to protect it from outside through-the-door attacks known as “ice picking.” All ASSA 6000 Series deadbolts are available with interchangeable core and feature our unique dual locking mechanism rendering them virtually pick proof.

medeco biaxial pins

Medeco Biaxial Pins

medeco biaxial key cuts angled

Medeco Biaxial Key Cuts

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