Medeco Key Systems

Medeco Key Systems

Medeco Key Systems at Reed Brothers SecurityPatented lock technology is an important factor in your security. A weak patent can be overturned, allowing other companies to use the same technology. This makes it more likely that keys made by other companies will fit your locks.

Medeco® has engineered cylinders and high security hardware to retrofit most popular locksets, so institutions can maintain their initial investment and still obtain a higher level of security.

Medeco cylinders retrofit more manufacturers’ hardware than any other high security product line, ultimately reducing security costs.

Medeco XT
Medeco Biaxial 

High Security Cylinders

Medeco’s Biaxial® locks have earned a UL437 listing, providing pick and drill resistance and utility patented key control. The Biaxial lock design combines several unique features to create a high security lock that is virtually pick-proof.

Biaxial keys must be cut on a special machine to precisely duplicate angled cuts, preventing mass duplication. With additional measures, such as the ability to elevate and rotate tumbler pins and hardened steel inserts in critical sections of the lock face and sidebar, Medeco Biaxial locks provide exceptional security against physical attack. All Biaxial installations can be upgraded to electronic access control.

Reed Brothers Security is a DBK Biaxial dealer, which means we sell a very exclusive Medeco® keyway that requires the customer to match signatures with the signature on file at our store before the key can be duplicated. This is enforced by Medeco’s patent.

Master Keying

Medeco® has pioneered extremely large masterkey systems through our exclusive use of angled cuts on our keys. With one key, facility managers can access deadbolts, mortise locks, doors, padlocks, and even electronic access control systems, reducing the number of keys carried and tracked by maintenance and security staff.

With millions of combinations, Medeco can accommodate even the largest installations. In addition, Medeco eliminates the need to use sectional keys in most systems, increasing the system’s overall security.

Key Duplication

Unauthorized key duplication plays a major role in compromising even the most sophisticated security systems.

Employees, tenants, maintenance personnel and students with temporary access to original non-restricted, non-patented keys have no problem getting duplicates cut for their personal use. The warning “Do Not Duplicate” stamped on a key only serves as a challenge for most non-professional key duplicators.

Effective key control is essential to the success of a high security lock system. If you can have keys copied at a local store, then a burglar can have your keys copied also. If you are security conscious enough to install a lock system, be sure to select one that provides the level of protection and control that is appropriate.

Medeco® has many different levels of patented protection available:

Standard Commerciall – Offers physical protection as available by the type of cylinder but may not have patent protected keys. Requires no authorization to obtain duplicate keys.

Card Restricted – Offers physical protection and utility patent protected keys. Requires authorization card and signature verification to obtain duplicate keys. Keys are cut at a limited number of contract controlled factory authorized service centers.

Contract Restricted – Offers physical protection and utility patent protected keys. Contract between service outlet or institution ensures strict adherence to key control policies. Requires signature verification to obtain duplicate keys.

Factory Restricted – Offers physical protection and utility patent protected keys. All keys are cut at the factory with appropriate signature verification. Key blanks are not released outside the Medeco factory.