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Knox Box

The KnoxBox®, a high-security key lock box, was designed to provide rapid access for emergency responders to reduce response times, minimize injuries and protect property from forced entry. The KnoxBox 3200 is the number one high-security key lock box trusted by first responders and property owners.

Locked doors and secured entry points can delay emergency response. Enable first responder rapid access by installing a secure UL listed KnoxBox that houses entry keys and access cards. Built Knox-Rugged to resist physical attack, vandalism, and extreme weather conditions.

  •  Eliminate barriers and allow first responders to quickly gain access to secured properties when time matters most.
  •  Protect property, inventory, and thousands of dollars in investments from fire and water damage by providing rapid emergency access to first responders.
  •  Eliminate costly repair from forced entry with Knox one-time, low cost investment.
  •  All products are Built Knox-Rugged to require little maintenance and retain their operational integrity even under extreme weather conditions.
  •  Only your local fire department has the authority to access your KnoxBox.
knox box surface mount

Knox Box Surface Mount

knox box recess mount

Knox Box Recess Mount


  •  Stores maximum 10 keys. Access cards and small entry items may also fit in interior compartment but will reduce max key quantity.
  •  Built Knox-Rugged and secure Fire Rated: UL 1037, UL 1610, UL 1332, UL 437
  •  Finished with Knox-Coat® to protect four times better than standard powder coat
  •  Weather-resistant door gasket
  •  Hinged Door
  • Check Your Doors

  •  Only your local fire department has the authority to access your KnoxBox.


  •  Surface Mount Body – 4″H x 5″W x 3-7/8″D
  •  Recessed Mount Flange – 7″H x 7″W


  •  Surface Mount – 8 lbs
  •  Recessed Mount – 8 lbs

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