Know Your Locksmith

Accidents happen.  It’s just a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean you have to be unprepared for them. Locking your keys in your car is one of the most common types of vehicle-related accidents and one has to tell you just how frustrating that situation can be. Because this frustrating mistake is unfortunately frequent, it’s a smart idea to know the number to your local locksmith.

Why Should You Know Your Local Locksmith?

Knowing the number to a trust worthy locksmith in near you is a handy thing, but getting to know them on a more personal level is even better. This is because you can never guarantee that all locksmiths have your best interest in mind, which is unfortunate, but true. Getting to know your local locksmith has plenty of advantages even if you don’t plan on locking your keys in your car or inside your house. For one, you will know how prompt they are.  Also, are they fair, do they charge unreasonable rates?  Do they quote really low rates and then charge 3 or 4 times as much when they arrive on the job site.  Any reputable locksmith can quote the FULL cost of a lock out or a lock re-key over the phone.

Emergency Services in Your Town

Just like getting to know your local fire, police department, and home security systems company, getting to know emergency services like plumbers and locksmiths is definitely in your best interest and may benefit you sometime in the future. It may even prevent someone from breaking into your house. If your locksmith knows you and your family and someone it will prevent them from opening the door for a burglar. This might seem far fetched, but it’s not uncommon for locksmiths to open a door for anyone that calls for help. It’s true that they’re supposed to check for ID, but who’s there to check to make sure they did?

Building up rapport with the emergency contacts in your town will also cause them to be friendlier to you and hopefully remember you in an emergency. For people like plumbers, electricians, and locksmiths, it might also mean they will be less likely to swindle you or overcharge for services.

Make a Network of Reliable Contacts

By getting to know your local emergency service providers like locksmiths, you are weeding out the unreliable contacts which will only benefit you and your neighborhood in the long run. Recommend the trustworthy locksmith to your friends and family, let them know who charges the most reasonable prices and who seemed the most honorable. Hopefully this will increase their business to the point where swindlers and scammers are forced to close up shop or turn their ways around. Giving your business to the right people may not change the fact that you regularly lock your keys in your car every few months, but at least you won’t dread calling for help the next time it happens.