Keyport Slide

Keyport Slide 2.0

keyport slide 2.0

The Keyport Slide replaces the outdated, bulky keychain & consolidates UP TO 6 (3 Per Side) of your essential personal items (e.g. keys, mini-light, USB flash drive, pen, bottle opener) into a compact hi-tech key fob that attaches easily to any auto remote. Designed with the modern professional in mind, Keyport is the only multi-tool that incorporates keys, that is fully customizable, & that, unlike most multi-tools, you will actually use every day.

This high-tech chassis provides one-handed access to up to 6 keys & tools. It also includes a serial number which, when registered, can aid its recovery if lost via Keyport’s Reward If Found program.

Keyport has designed colored identifiers on each Node allowing you to easily identify each key separately. In addition, the location of each Blade remains constant so it does not take long to memorize where each of your keys are positioned in the Keyport.

Key Blades

keyport slide 2.0

Keyport’s proprietary key blanks include a one-size-fits-all head, seamlessly take the place of your current keys, fit securely in the Slide, & are interchangeable.

Keyport is compatible with most of the world’s key blanks. Any key with a shank length of less than 2.0″, thickness of less than 0.125″, and a height of less than 0.46″, can be converted to a Keyport Blade including high-security keys such as Schlage Primus, Assa, Mul-T-Lock, Medeco, Abloy, etc.

Since Keyport removes the traditional key head, the size of the head is not a determining factor unless it contains an embedded chip.


keyport slide 2.0

Keyport offers several interchangeable tools called inserts, which include a pen, bottle opener, mini-light, barcode holder, & a USB flash drive (4GB 2.0 – 32GB 3.0) with many more in development.

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