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What Are Armored Postal Key Keepers?

Reed Brothers Security manufactures, sells and installs armored postal key keepers. As far as we know, these are the most secure key keepers on the market. There's really no competition. They are built like safes and are similar in construction to the Knox Boxes used by the fire departments.

The underlying security issues with normal postal key keepers stem from their structural designs. Those key keepers do not prioritize security and are built with thin aluminum metal components. They are easily pried open with the most basic tools, like a screw driver, or smashed open with virtually anything.

Our key keepers are pry resistant. They cannot be forced open with a crowbar or a screw driver. Nor can they be smashed open with a sledgehammer. The armored key keepers are made with thick slabs of steel. They easily withstand physical damage and extreme weather conditions.

The Armored Postal Key Keepers are built with recessed doors that accept USPS locks. The postal key keepers come in two styles: surface and recessed. The key keepers also include Keybak key retractors to automatically return key to key keeper.

The Armored Kidde Key Keeper features a combination pad with 10 pushbuttons and thousands of possible combinations. This key keeper comes in a recessed style. The Kidde lockbox's recessed door, which plays an integral role in the key keeper's security, is the reason why it's incorporated in the key keeper's design.

Armored Kidde Key Box

combination pad with 10 pushbuttons

thousands of possible combinations

recessed door opens outward

comes in granite finish

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