Glass & Aluminum Door Hardening

What Is Glass & Aluminum Door Hardening?

Glass and aluminum door hardening is reinforcing various parts and components of the door, including installing additional hardware, to ensure immunity to kick-ins and decrease susceptibility to a variety of other break-in methods.

For glass and aluminum doors we recommend installing doors that swing out and come with 5" wide stiles, for rigidity. Additionally, the door should have three 12" crossmembers, a surface-mounted full door hinge, a full length latch guard to cover the gap between the door edge and the jamb, and a grade 1 door closer. If the door is a Means of Egress, then we recommend a grade 1 panic exit bar or a grade 1 electric strike. Otherwise, the door needs a grade 1 deadbolt.

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We recommend installing glass & alunimum doors with 5" wide stiles that swing out.

glass and luminum doors swing out

We design aluminum and glass doors differently than traditional aluminum and glass doors. The "stile" is the name of the vertical side of the frame of the door. "Rails" is the name of the horizontal cross pieces of the frame of the door Traditional 2" wide stile doors are very weak and flexible. and they tend to have very small rails. We use a 5" wide stiles and we use very large rails - we even add a 3rd rail in the middle of the door as a "bellyband" This is where we mount the panic exit bar (lock). These over sized stiles and rails greatly increase the rigidity of the door.

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