Gardall B1515

Gardall B1515

Gardall B1515 is a Buglary Rated Safe.

If you’re searching for extra security then you need the Gardall B1515 Utility Safe B-rated Money Chest. This series of Gardall safes are designed to hold cash drawers but can be used to hold any valuables or important papers. This compact safe features a full length locking bar that will deter prying attacks on its hinges, a Group II combination lock on a 0.5″ steel plate door, 5 live locking door bolts and an independent re-locker that will lock into place if anyone tries to gain access to the inside. With 4 pre-drilled anchor holes this safe comes with bolt-down hardware to insure it can not be lifted from the floor.

Standard Features:

Outside Dimensions: H 15 x W 15 3/4 x D 12 1/4

Inside Dimensions: H 14 1/2 x W 15 1/4 x D 10 1/2

Weight: 130 LBS.

1/2″ plate steel door

1/4″ steel body lock

5 active 1.25” locking bolts

S&G Group II combination lock, electronic lock upgrade available

Heavy duty hinges

Full length locking bar to deter prying attack on hinges

4 anchoring holes in bottom


Gardall B1515