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Folding Gates

folding gates

  •   Allows free egress during business hours!
  •   Keep pedestrians out of open work areas.
  •   They can be “hidden” during business hours!
  •   Mounted indoors or outdoors!
  •   Built to last for decades!
  • Folding gates are a security solution for many applications which need to have free egress during business hours, or to keep pedestrians out of open work areas.

    Reed Brothers Security proudly features folding gates built to military specifications by Criterion Gate and Mfg. Co., Inc. Our knowledgeable estimators can determine the gate specifications that best meet each site.

    Reed Brothers also carries the extensive Folding Guard line of dock door gates, single door gates.

    criterion eg 375

    The gate on the right, a Criterion EG 375, is appropriate for most retail store fronts, public buildings, schools, and any location that requires tight security at a moderate price.

    criterion lt 350

    One common lighter weight gate is the Criterion LT 350 shown to the right. This gate is appropriate for loading docks, tool cribs, service station, and repair shop openings to prevent pedestrian intrusion to work areas.

    bifolding gate


    This is a custom bi-folding panel gate that we built for the lobby of The Lake Merritt Hotel in downtown Oakland.

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