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Fire Release Hardware

A fire release is a piece of hardware designed to mount a window bar to the exterior face of a building, while allowing a person to exit a room directly to the exterior of the building in case of fire. These releases are only required on bedrooms, they are not required on bedrooms that have another means of egress directly to the exterior. This means, if there is a door directly to the exterior that can be opened from inside, there are window bars that can be opened from the inside or there is a window without bars, a fire release is not required. Only one fire release is required per room.

The reasoning behind requiring fire releases only on bedrooms is that if there is a fire, it may grow till it becomes an impassable barrier before a sleeping person is aware of the fire. If you are in another room of the house, you are ostensibly awake and aware enough of any potential fire long before it cuts off the exits. Properly installed window bars are just as effective at preventing entry as exit through window. If the window bar is installed with a fire release, it becomes easy to exit, while still preventing entry.

Our knowledgeable estimators can determine if an existing window bar can be retro-fitted with this device or can advise if a new bar is needed.

Bedroom windows must release from the inside without the use of tools (keys), or specialized knowledge. If window bars are put over these windows, the bars must open from the inside as easily as the window hardware.

California State Fire Marshall statement regarding window bars and the laws requiring fire release hardware

Below are pictures showing how fire release hardware works…

Here we show how this kick release unlatches the window bars from the inside, allowing an easy escape in case of a fire.  



Fire Release Hardware