Entry Panel Bracket

entry panel with bracket

Reed Brothers Security provides services to secure phone entry systems to a point that intruders will need industrial power tools to break into the entry panels.

Telephone Entry Systems are usually constructed of thin gauge steel and a low security cam lock. When left unprotected, these boxes can be easily pried open with a crowbar, a wrench or a similar tool.

These entry systems are commonly used by the U.S. Postal Service for mail carrier access. The USPS key switch is often targeted by criminals after the panel box is pried open, granting them easy access to the premises to steal packages, mail and more.

key switch enclosure

Our custom pivoting security brackets are made out of heavy-duty angle iron, and are designed to cover the low security cam lock and the edge of the box where it is commonly pried open.

key switch enclosure

We secure the bracket with a "hockey puck" padlock. This padlock has a hidden shackle making it extremely difficult to cut off. When the padlock is removed, the bracket will swing to the side and expose the cam lock, allowing access to the panel when necessary.

We finish the bracket in grey primer, which is a cold galvanizing compound. The bracket can then be painted over (by others) or left as is.

Onsite fabrication allows us to make custom brackets fitting all types of entry systems.

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