Door Hardening – to prevent kicked in doors

Door Hardening – to prevent kicked in doors

Kicked in front doors are a very current problem.  Many front doors are not properly secured against a simple kick.   If the door jamb is not re-enforced with an 18″ or longer strike plate or if the door doesn’t have a Grade I or Grade II commercial deadbolt lock, it probably won’t with stand one or two kicks from an average sized person.  Also, there should be #9, 3-1/2″ hardened screws in the hinge plates and strike plates.  Lastly, to properly re-enforce a door, the edge of the door where the deadbolt lock is installed should be strengthened wirh door edge re-enforcement plates…. LACK OF ANY OF THESE ITEMS WILL LEAVE YOUR DOOR EXTREMELY VULNERABLE TO A KICK-IN.

Door Hardening Recommendations

Item Standard Recommended
Strike Plate 2″ long w/ 2 short screws
 18″ long w/ 4 long screws
Hinges 3″ – 3.5″ w/ 3 hole in each leaf
 4″ w/ 4 hole pattern in each leaf
Screws 1/2″ – 5/8″ long #8 (sometimes 1 1/4″ long #8)
 3 1/2″ long #9 hardened
Wrap Plates vs. Door Edge Plates  Wrap plates are for covering damage so that you don’t have to replace a door. Door edge plates are for reinforcing the edge of the door.
Dead bolts  Grade 3 and Non Graded Grade 2 – Heavy duty residential qualityGrade 1 – Commercial quality
Door Viewers  1/2″ diameter 3/4″ diameter1 1/2″ diameter (preferred)
Camera Viewer  $100-$200 stand alone models – some record on a chip for down loading later HD fisheye camera wired through a transfer hinge – connected to a DVR (preferably an IP addressableDVR)


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