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Access Control

With access control you can restrict and monitor access of a building.

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Alarm Systems

Reed Brothers Security specializes in providing alarm system solutions tailor made to each installation site. Various combinations of available alarm components can be integrated to provide piece of mind.

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Camera Systems

We provide and install high quality image capturing camera’s ranging from analog through high definition, to IP camera systems.

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Telephone & Intercom Entry Systems

Intercom and Telephone Entry Systems are a method of access control that gives you the ability to talk to an individual before letting them through the main entrance.

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Doors and Door Hardware

Reed Brothers Security Fabricates and installs a wide variety of commercial security doors.

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Security Gates

We design, install and service both commercial and residential standard and custom gates such as; folding gates, driveway gates, security door gates, garden gates, enclosures, specialty gates, and more.

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Master Key Systems

Master key systems is a keying system that grants or restricts access to certain locks throughout a building, limiting access to only authorized personal.

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Heavy duty high security locking steel mailboxes. These mailboxes are hand made to end all of your stolen mail and vandalized mailbox problems. Built as a safe on a steel post.

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Stair Treads

We replace broken and cracked concrete stair treads and repair the steel handrails that are attached to them. We can also upgrade old style handrails to bring them up to code.

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Locksmith Services

Lockouts can be very frustrating – WE CAN HELP!

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Access Control is a way of granting or restricting access to specific areas within a building such as a file room, entry door, workstation, storage closets, or offices.

By having an access control system installed, you are able to control who, when, and where someone is allowed to enter or exit.

When access is granted, the door will unlock for a predetermined amount of time and the transaction is recorded. When access is denied, the door remains locked and the attempted access is recorded. The authorized administrator you choose is given the ability to monitor all activity as well as add or remove entry privileges to individuals through the system. Accessing the information can be done either via computer or smartphone application, depending on the system you select for your needs.

Users are given electronic credentials in the form of a pin number, key fob or key card. This eliminates unwanted key usage from previous employees, unauthorized attempts of key duplication, and saves you money on maintenance costs by eliminating frequent re-keying. Please contact our office to learn more (510) 652-2477.


Alarm Systems

Secure your business with our Alarm Systems, 24/7 Alarm Monitoring, and Commercial Fire Systems.


We provide commercial alarms and fire alarm systems of outstanding quality, high security features, ease of integration and simplicity of use.

Let us cover every angle of your commercial building to make sure there’s no unprotected point of entry. Our highly trained technicians can troubleshoot any problems and guide you down the road of commercial security by assessing your needs and the building in which you want to secure. Whether you want a new alarm system, the option of upgrading your current system, or are interested in switching from your current alarm system provider over to ours, we can help you to create a high-secure alarm system, no matter the nature of your businesses premises.

Not to mention, our 24/7 alarm monitoring station offers round the clock surveillance at reasonable costs. This gives us the ability to make sure that every part of your building is monitored at all times! Monitoring is OPTIONAL. We gladly install alarm systems that ring an exterior bell or siren and do not send signals to a monitoring station.

We install non-proprietary systems. Some companies install alarm systems with proprietary technology, meaning you are locked in and only your installing company can service your system or provide monitoring. At Reed Brothers Security, customers stay with us by choice and our monitoring customers have never been sold to an outside provider.

Fire Alarms

Having a fire alarm installed in your commercial building can reduce your risk of fires, save people and your business.

A fire alarm system can be as simple as having smoke detectors installed, sounders for signaling the alarm, a sprinkler system or a suffocating system to stop the fire from burning that can be activated to start putting out the fire when the alarm goes off. Many systems will also set off an alarm at the fire and or police station.

Different types of fire alarms for commercial buildings – whether it’s new or a replacement, must follow NFPA 72. It’s the National Fire Protection Association’s regulations for fire alarm installation in commercial buildings. It specifies the requirements for emergency communications, signaling, and fire detection. It also lays out additional building codes and regulations on what types of fire alarms fit which specific type of commercial building.

*Fire Compliance for Commercial Buildings Within a commercial property: certain fire safety regulations must be adhered to in order to ensure the property is safe for those working in it, plus any customers or clients if applicable.

Our system recommendations will always be OSHA approved and ADA compliant.

Have a question? Give us a call! We’ll be happy to advise you on your security issues. (510) 652-2477.


Cameras, CCTV, Surveillance Systems

At Reed Brothers Security we provide and install high quality image capturing camera’s.  Anything from analog through high definition, to ip camera systems.  Ranging from small residential systems to large corporate systems, all of our camera systems have the ability to be seen on or offsite from your smartphone, tablet or computer.  Accessible anywhere in the world with internet access.

We professionally install video surveillance systems, also called security cameras or closed circuit TV (CCTV), in hotels, hospitals, schools, restaurants, retail establishments as well as other businesses and homes.

  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Weatherproof
  • Vandal resistant
  • Infrared (night vision)
  • PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom)
  • IP/Megapixel
  • Remote viewing
  • Professional installation
  • License plate rec cams

Call us at (510) 652-2477. Our experienced estimators can design a custom system to meet your security needs.  We believe that cost and level of protection are both important to our clients.


Entry Systems

Intercom and Telephone Entry Systems are access control products that gives you the ability to talk to an individual before letting them through the main entrance or other points of entry.

Intercom Systems

An intercom system is a stand-alone voice communication system controlling an electric strike that is installed on building or a small collection of buildings, such as an apartment complex. It provides two way audio communication between the caller and the receiver. Some intercom systems incorporate video to identify visitors trying to gain access. Followed by link to telephone entry systems gallery.

Telephone Entry Systems

Commercial Telephone Entry Systems use a dedicated phone line. These entry systems are designed for gated communities, apartment building, and other multi-user situations. They can keep records of individual users and can incorporate card readers, proximity sensors & transponders.

We install, program and service many systems such as:

  • Comelit
  • Alpha
  • Linear
  • Doorking
  • Aiphone
  • Tektone
  • Nutone


Reed Brothers Security fabricates and installs a wide variety of commercial security doors.

Features can include:

  • Panic Exit Hardware
  • ADA Compliant Door Openers
  • ADA Compliant Lever locks
  • Electric Access Controls of Many Kinds
    • Proximity Readers
    • Swipe Cards
    • Push Button Locks
    • Touch Screen Locks
    • Delayed Egress Hardware
    • Exit Alarms
  • Perforated Sheet Metal
  • 9g Expanded mesh

Doors can be finished in numerous ways:

  • Painted
  • Primed
  • Powder Coated
  • Galvanized
  • Metalized
  • Metalized and Powder Coated



We design, install and service commercial and gates such as:

Driveway gates – folding gates – security door gates – enclosures – specialty gates – and more!

We also install automatic gate openers and access controls for all security gates. Bollards and additional hardware such as high security locks are also available upon requests.


Master key systems are most often installed on office buildings, apartment buildings, office complexes, schools, and even homes.

Master key systems are a lock system that is organized like a family tree with the top level master key at the top and the change keys for individual door at the bottom. This allows different types of keys to unlock the same doors to enhance security. Each door on a property may have its own individual key that cannot open anything but its specific lock, but a master key has the capability to unlock every door. It also allows management to carry fewer keys.

Medeco and Mul-T-Lock are our recommended high security keyways. Schlage is our most common key system for master keying, but we also provide master key services for most other commercial key systems.


Our U.S.P.S approved commercial mailboxes are designed for multi-tenant buildings such as apartment complexes, commercial buildings, residential developments, condominiums and several other applications.

On front loading mailboxes, your local postmaster will visit your site upon request and install a master postal lock that allows access to the unit by a U.S. Postal Service employee through one master door opening.We install a variety of sizes and colors of Cluster Box Units (CBU’s), Outdoor Parcel Lockers, 4B and 4C Horizontal Mailboxes, and Vertical Mailboxes.


We replace broken and cracked concrete stair treads and repair the steel handrails that are attached to them. We can also upgrade old style handrails to bring them up to code. 

We do not provide any structural work on staircases.

In case of repair or replacement on landings, we will not pour concrete. On landings we can replace or repair frames, replace pans and concrete portion of landing with stair treads.


Locksmith Services

Lockouts can be very frustrating – WE CAN HELP!  We are available 24/7 for any kind of lockout emergency you have – give us a call:


Corporate Accounts are Welcome

• Lockouts and Eviction Service
• High Security Restricted Keyway Locks
• Combination Cylinder Changes
• Master Key Systems Install, tracked, and serviced.
• Keyless Entry
• Panic Exit Devices/ “Crash Bars”
• Door Closers
• Electric Strikes/ “Buzzer Systems”
• Security Doors
• Desk Locks/ File Cabinet Locks
• Safes: Sales/Service/Combo Changes