CLIQ Key Tips

CLIQ Key Tips

Guide to Using Your CLIQ Keys & Remote Programmers


Using a CLIQ electromechanical key is as simple as using any other key. In fact, CLIQ keys combine mechanical security and electronic convenience to improve accountability and reduce risk. Keys may only be factory duplicated and are custom produced  for every customer. No two systems are the same.

Because your key includes both a mechanical key blade and electronic technologies, proper care and use should always be exercised. The following recommendations will help to ensure proper performance and operation:


  • Once the key is fully inserted into the cylinder, the battery in the key will automatically provide power and highly encrypted data to the cylinder. This process takes approximately a third of a second.
  • The key is ready to be turned only after the key and the cylinder have established  communication. If permission is granted, the key will turn and the cylinder will unlock. If permission is not granted, the key will not turn and the cylinder will remain locked.
  • Keys are water resistant, but not water proof. Do not submerge in water. Should a key be exposed to liquid, dry with a towel. Do not place the key in an oven or microwave.
  • Keys will operate normally in temperatures from -22 degrees F to 122 degrees F.
  • Key batteries are generally rated for 20,000 openings or two years. CLIQ keys use a standard Lithium battery, #CR2025, which are available from your locksmith dealer.


Your CLIQ key has both LED    and audible alerts   to let you know your key’s status.


    • Authorized – Key does not turn:
      –  Insure Key is not turned (binding) prior to authorized signal
      –  Verify mechanical authorization or possible obstructions
      –  Validate with other authorized Key to assess Key vs. Lock issue
  • Inconsistent or no signal indications
    –  Inspect Key and Lock data contacts for dirt/grime build-up
    –  Verify Key battery Level/Status
    –  Inspect Key and Lock for damage or excessive wear


CLIQ keys are warranted to the original user for two years from the date of purchase to be free of manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship.

In the event of a defect in material or workmanship during the warranty period, Medeco Security Locks, Inc. will repair or replace (at its option) the product under the full terms and conditions of the warranty. Contact your Medeco locksmith dealer for complete details.








C-KEY INDICATIONS — When a C-Key has been programmed with cylinder jobs:

1. Insert the C-Key into needed locks
–  LED light and buzzer (M3 and X4) or LCD Screen (Classic) responses
–  “Programmed OK” response will repeat until the C-Key is removed.

2.  Present C-Key back to CLIQ Web Manager with the method it was programmed (Local PD log-in or Remote Programmer*)

*Gen2 C-Key with 12.8+ firmware