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ASSA Twin 6000

All ASSA Twin systems have two independent locking mechanisms, this means that two sets of bittings, or key cuts operate the double locking mechanism. They use a 6 pin tumbler mechanism incorporating mushroom drivers (System code), and a uniquely coded side bar system (Side bar code). The side bar provides additional protection against picking as well as offering dealer, end user, regionally exclusive key systems.  Because of the two independent locking mechanisms, the ASSA Twin system also has two independent shear lines that help assure optimum pick resistance. False grooves in the side pins catch the side bar when improperly positioned. When rotational force is applied, the spool driver pins are caught by counter millings in the chambers of the cylinder plug. These features make the Twin system superior above other normal pin-tumbler systems.  ASSA tries to constantly improve their products as you will see in this article.