Alarm Systems


Reed Brothers Security specializes in providing alarm system solutions tailor made to each installation site. Various combinations of available alarm components can be integrated to provide piece of mind.

Our experienced service technicians can troubleshoot problems with older, existing systems. Since Reed Brothers Security has access to several different manufacturer’s products, we can quickly supply replacement parts when they are required.

We believe that cost and level of protection are both important to our clients. That is why we arrive to deliver excellent monitoring services at reasonable costs. From burglar alarms to fire alarm systems, you can count on us. 

Have a question? Give us a call! We’ll be happy to advise you on your security issues. 510-652-2477 

Fire Alarms
Having a fire alarm installed in your commercial building can reduce your risk of fires, save people and your business.

A fire alarm system can be as simple as having smoke detectors installed, sounders for signaling the alarm, a sprinkler system or a suffocating system to stop the fire from burning that can be activated to start putting out the fire when the alarm goes off. Many systems will also set off an alarm at the fire and or police station