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Key Safe P500

Kidde P500 Push Botton Lock Box With Titanium Cover at Reed Brothers Security

Kidde Key Safe P500 Push Button w/ Titanium Cover

KeySafe P500 is the most rugged and durable key lock box in the Access Point™ line of products from Kidde. Facilitate entry to your facilities by providing authorized users with the push-button code to obtain the key. Simply change the code, instead of issuing new keys, to accommodate personnel changes such as temporary employees or service technicians.
The tough and weather-resistant P500 contains triple-wall construction, stainless steel reinforcements, and an extra-long latching bolt. Its stainless steel liner is rustproof and resists prying.

The Key Safe P500 features triple wall construction and a long travel clutching lock. With heavy duty stainless steel reinforcements and over 4000 combinations this is the most secure Key Safe ever.

Mechanical Override
Employees or service technicians can gain entry, even in a power outage

Remote Sites
Authorized individuals gain convenient access at remote structures like utility buildings or sheds.

Authorized Individuals Only
Issue access codes so that only authorized personnel may enter secure areas.

Kidde P500 Push Botton Lock Box With Titanium Cover 2 at Reed Brothers Security


  • Triple wall construction
  • Stainless steel reinforcements
  • Long travel latching bolt
  • Alarm sensor
  • ​Clutching lock
  • ​Code anti-tamper plate
  • Full weather cover
  • Easy push button interface


Key Safe P500